2012: A spacey odyssey

When I was a child I dreamed of short green aliens. As an adult I dream of tall blue aliens. My fantasies always involve meeting them face to face, in a friendly encounter, of course, with no firing lasers and no abductions. However, as Voyager 1, which was launched in 1977, still speeds toward the outer reaches of our solar system and still hasn’t reached interstellar space, my hopes for meeting those aliens are beginning to fade…

To console myself from the sadness of dashed hopes, I decided to take a little interstellar photographic journey. Lacking ready access to the Hubble telescope, I opted instead to look inside a little bowl of glass marbles I had laying around, which seen with 30+ diopters magnification began to take a spacey appearance.

Below are a couple examples of my journey, including an alien encounter which turned out to be quite fun. Here are two the galleries of my spacey journey, daylight macro and artificial light macro. Click here for a full explanation of my technique. (BONUS: no expensive macro lens required!)

Thanks for looking and taking my journey!


Alien encounter gallery.

Little Alien