Resolved, a resounding yes!

working silhouettes 1

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge at The Daily post at is “Resolved

Resolved? A resounding yes! But no list of specific items that I can manage to wiggle out of doing by convincing myself down the road of their lessened urgency.

Instead, I lay down some broad strokes to paint a picture of who I want to be this year. I want to ignore the specifics of what I do and how I interact with others. There is another me besides that someone that goes through the routines and shows up to a job.

There is a person that stands away from the crowd and doesn’t seek affirmation. A person that given a chance could amaze and impress. That someone shows up here and there, but is far too often not invited and not allowed. I want to free that person to come over and stay, and finally take over.

working silhouettes 2


2 thoughts on “Resolved, a resounding yes!

  1. Hi Maurizio,
    This is so creative!! The context is secondary. I am loving the shadows and the surface.
    You are right; there are many shadow persons hiding inside of us.
    Be brave and shine 🙂

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