Little pink apes

Children watching gorilla. Photographed by Maurizio Riccio

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge at The Daily post at is “Surprise

“I am surprised how much they look like us, those little pink hairless apes” the gorilla pondered…

“They walk on two feet but they don’t seem to climb. Also, I don’t think they’re very bright, and definitely, they lack manners and refinement. Look how they point and stare in your eyes. Don’t they know their place? But they are, after all, the lesser of us great apes, and besides, they amuse me with their animated antics. I am glad they are are kept behind glass, though. Can you imagine the chaos, if they were let in here?”

“Evolution is taking it’s sweet time with them, I must say. In fact, I am not so sure it’s not going in reverse. 2 million years and they grow weaker and less fit. They busy themselves like ants building and collecting. But for what? Don’t they know that where we’re heading, all that won’t matter? When it all crumbles as it will, only our knowledge of the earth and trees and our strong family will save us…”

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Children watching gorilla. Photographed by Maurizio Riccio